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Winter Blanket Appeal!!! Please support today!!

  Salaamu alaykum. It’s the time of the year again where we try our best to support those who will go a winter in the bitter cold refugee camps around the globe especially in turkey where we have been a part of some amazing work in the past. We are a bit behind on this […]

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Dilemma of the young mind 

I’m afraid of practicing my Islam openly in the west. What do I do? 

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Definition of Salafi by Shaykh Uthaymeen

by Sheikh Ibn Al-Utaymeen Yarhamahu Allah (May Allah have mercy on him) From his book, “Liqaa-al-Baab al-Maftooh”, Q # 1322 Muhammad Salih Ibn al-Uthaymeen said: “Salafiyyah is following the way of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) and his Sahabah for they are our Salaf (predecessors) who preceded us, so following them is Salafiyyah. As for […]

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