Prophetic Da’wah

What Legacy Will You Leave?

Surviving the Storm (weakness of Faith)

Brother Yusha Evans defending Islam

How The Bible Led ME To Islam Sydney University

The Price of Paradise

Why I Came to Islam

Islam in the Bible

True Gospel of Jesus Christ

Interview with Yusha Evans

Q & A All About Jesus Christ

Advice to the Youth

65 Comments on “Videos”

  1. Alhamdulillah. you have been fated as a good muslim, insyaallah firdaus is the place for u in hereafter as a reward for what u have done,amin.

  2. Salaam brother. the base of muslim ummah has been stronger since you came. i was amazed how you found the right path and peach here with us. we need strong muslim like you who understand the feelings of non muslims and muslims and try to to build bridge between two worlds. i saw your interview in

  3. i respect u …almahdullilah allah has choosen u to be in his jannah…keep up your good work….insyaallah one day islam will ruled the world

    from MALAYSIA.(south east asia) muslim forever….TAKBIR!!!!!!

  4. السلام عليكم
    قال صلى الله عليه وسلم (المؤمن القوي خير واحب الي الله من المؤمن الضعيف) او كما قال صلى الله عليه وسلم وفي الحقيقه ارى انك يااخ يوشع مثال حقيقي على المؤمن القوي بفضل الله تعالى اتمنى لك التوفيق في الدرارين ثبتك الله واثابك وجزاك الله خيرا آمييييييييييييييييييييييين
    I m sorry but my English is very limited >THANK YOU SO MUCH MAY ALLAH KEEP YOU IN THE STRIGHT PATH AMEEN

  5. you have come this far, why stop now the battle against ignorance is not over…. it has just begun.
    can’t you see that while the Quran is absolutely true, the hadiths are like the bible which fluctuates between truth and falsehood throughout. indeed what seems true at first is actually false and that which seems false may well be true as truth is stranger than fiction, just as science discovered the universe is far more amazing than the myths people made up about it.
    Why have you taken the so called “authentic” Hadiths as truth. what I’m trying to say is that God tests you on your judgment to see whether your just or not. today Islam is divided into 73 sects not because of the common Quran but because of the choice of hadiths. so consider yourself as a judge hearing the case of two opponents; the lawyer (narrator of hadiths) of one giving false arguments & witnesses while the other tells the truth in the best way he can while he too is only human.

    • Assalam O Allaikum brother,
      Here I would like to mention if Brother Yusha is consulting with Sahih hadid, like Sahah-e-Sitta then there is no Doubt & if anyone doubts on narrator means doubt a Sahabi (R.A), means tht person is misguided. so please don’t try to misguide a new converted muslim, let him take guidance from Quran, consult Sahah-e-Sitta 6 books of Authentic Hadeedhs, Follow the right path Quran-o-Sunna, love Allah(S.W.T) & follow his loving Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), & Companions of Rasool Ullah (P.B.U.H).

  6. salaam akhii in faith, it’s amize me how u been searching the true religoun and i remembared a great componion SALMAN AL-FARISE, may allah reward u every step u stept on his path,and grant u jannatul fardaws. ameen

  7. Alhamdoulillah,ALLAH loves you brother and has choosen you,
    May Allah give health,long life and increase your faith and knoweledge so that keep on helping your brothers and sisters in Islam and non muslims as well,
    I love you in Allah

  8. Alhamdulilla I would like to say ,Yusua your very inspiring and Im going to watch all of your videos,Im a new sister to islam and Im very moved by your teachings.

    Thank you.

  9. Brother Joshua,

    I have already accepted Islam, but like you were, I am not 100% yet. Seems everyone I tell meets me with disbeleif and ridicule. Isyallah there are those like you that reinforce my convictions, and acceptance of Islam. Please keep up the good work!!!

    Thank you!

    You and our fellow Brothers and Sisters can find me on Facebook under “Daniyal Johnson” in Japan

    Allah Hafiz

  10. Salaam brother Joshua, what you are doing is beautiful. The story of how you became a muslim is both enlightening and inspirational. I myself am a 18 year old muslim who is struggling to keep my faith alive, but hearing your story the door to eternal faith seems closer. May god guide us all to the path of righteousness.

  11. Asallaam moeAlaykoem Ya aghi,

    macha’allah your story has really touched me ..
    I wanted to ask youra question brother?
    my question is why do you don’t come to belgium to do da3wah?
    Soubhan’Allah here are many people who are in a situation like you were.. Ghair Incha’Allah.
    May Allah Azza wa djal reward you with El djennat Al firdauws! Almusli’min Djami3an. Allahoema Amien. Wasallaam moeAlaykoem.

  12. Salam Alicom Brother,

    I watched your hour long video on why you reverted to Islam. I really enjoyed hearing your story. It’s always nice to hear how someone reverted. Suphanna Allah you make me laugh. I like the part at the end where you remind us all to share the beautiful Deen. I reverted to Islam one year ago and it’s been: “The best decision I have ever made.” All praise be to Allah! When I reverted I focused on learning the Deen and how to pray. My life changed dramatically. Allah sent my husband right before Ramadan so I would not be alone humdullilah. Allah knows what we want and he blesses us far beyond our imaginations. May Allah give you barakah for what your doing!
    Salam Alicom!


  13. I am a Muslim girl and me and my family are proud to find a person like you, For what you did and what you are doing, in spreading your belief in AL ISlAM and in EL DAAWA . I felt ashamed that I am Muslim for 24 years and I didnot help people in joining EL ISLAM . I wish to take this step and help my best friend in doing that But im afraid to lose her !! AGain we are proud to have a guy like you in el ISLAM

  14. Asalaamu Alaiykum W’Rahmatullahi W’Barakatuh.

    Insh’Allah you are well in imaan, health and spirits my dear brother.

    May Allah SWT reward you for efforts for the deen.

    Akhi, I have a friend who very recently ‘reverted’ to the deen, Alhamdulillah. I used reverted in inverted commas because unfortunately, it seems as if the brother is having regrets about his new found faith. He can’t seem to find one reason as to why the bible has been altered over the years and has become very defensive about it. I have not challenged him on any particular topic as I do not have a sufficient amount of knowledge to do so and have just observed his changing views. I am from Bristol in England and tried to take him to your talk in Cardiff University on the Saturday just gone but unfortunately he was busy. I’ve given him a link to one of your videos (Listed on KhalifahKlothing’s Youtube profile) in hope that it will lead him to Allah SWT. Is there anything else you would recommend me doing?

    Would it be possible if I could have your email address to pass onto him? I understand that you may possibly be very busy but I’m not sure of what to do.

    Please get back to me via email if you can akhi.

    May Allah SWT continue to grant you the tawfiq to continue on your journey in this temporary life.

    Asalaamu Alaiykum W’Rahmatullahi W’Barakatuh.

  15. Asalamu Alaikum.

    Recently my sister got me to watch your video about your story and how you became a Muslim. I was so inspired that I opened the Quran that night and started reading for the first time in a long time. I am now trying to read the whole Quran. I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring us all to become better Muslims and may Allah grant you a special place in heaven. Keep the videos coming! 🙂

  16. السلام عليكم,

    May Allah bless you brother for all your efforts for Islam.

    ابو عمار

  17. brother, you have really inspired me. You are doing the great job and please keep it going. There are millions of ignorant men and women who are deviating themselves from the right path. I know you can Alhumdulillah portray the actual image of Islam and its teachings.

  18. you are from the best intelligent faithful persons i”ve ever saw
    we all love you . hope u continue what u r doing
    may allah bless you and strength your faith

  19. Asalamu Alaikum my bro in Islam alhamdulillah my Allah reward you bro Subhanallah when i see bro like you my Eman get so strong keep doing dawah your place will be paradise if Allah wills my Allah guide my Allah guide all us ameen

  20. Assalam Aleykum,

    Dear brother i just watched your video for the first time in my so much impressed, may ALLAH swt be pleased with you ameen

  21. Masallah, Barekallah brother,
    I am very happy to hear from you about ISLAM. It is absolutely hilarious. Your understanding and embracing the ISLAM is very deeply (Hakikah). Well done brother, insallah, we will be in paradise. I heard from one of your video that you are very quick reader, I do not know if you heard about RISALE-I NUR by Said Nursi,
    .And also have you heard about Fethullah Gulen,
    ? I am very excited and enjoyed your videos brother. I learned a lot things.

    May Allah bless you brother for your messages. ”Emri bil maaruf nehyi anil munker” is one of the major responsibility of a muslim. Inshallah Allah put all of us in the Paradise. He will not loose anything if he forgives all of us.

  22. Assalam o Alaikum
    I live in NewZealand and am interested in distributing some of your DVDs here.
    How can I get hold of them especially “Islam in The bible”

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  25. alsalm alikom brother,
    this is raid From Saudi Arabia

    I have trublr finding the words to tell you how I feel with you youtube videos. honestly, I cant stop crying when I realized how much you know thw truth because wallah It great thing for everyone to know about the true way. Alhamdlleah and I hope you get alGannah because allah promised almuomneen to inter it

    many thanks brother for those videos . I really wish you could have more and more about those videos because lots who always hear you and I gave it to my friends because Im studying in uk and they are interested with unknowing issues related to the religions

    many thanks . jazak allah khier

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  28. I just watched the video titled ‘Islam is the solution’ from part 1-5.

    I’m a muslimah from Malaysia & we often listen to many2 talks on Islam… I admire the way you view things in a different level/perspective… I can connect/relate to what you are saying…

    Thank you for sharing…

  29. Assalamu alaikum
    Mr Evans,

    I reverted to Islam about 2 years ago, and watching a post from facebook on your lecture, allhumdullilah….I was moved honestly, but I would like your advice, you see my wife now took shahada to islam and now she doesn’t want to wear the hijab and kinda turning away from it… could you give me any advice on that and if any materials that I can purchase or given to help her…

    Walaikum Assalam!!!

  30. Dear brother yusha
    i am a 13 year old muslim girl i am inspired by your videos can you make a video about muslim women and the hijab thx

  31. Assalaamu Alaykum WaRahmatullahi WaBarakatuhu Dear Brother Joshua …
    Jazaka Allahu Kheir,May Allah Subhana Wa Ta Ala Give you the best in life and herafter Ámiin!
    Keep Up The Good Work ..Very Good videos Masha Allah

  32. Someone beautifully said: “عُذرا يا دنيا فالجنّة تُناديني” (Oh earthly life, sorry, paradise is calling me!)

  33. Ask Alllah Almighty to grant u all power and success and above all complete happiness in this life and the hereafter, Truly I love u and admire ur way, I think u r on the right track, the right path. Ask Allah to always fix ur actions and words and give u the best of everything…
    Plz my dear brother, remember me in ur Doaa as I will also remember u as well as our children, wives and families and the whole Islamic Ummah : I pray to Allah : Plz Allah Guide us and Give us blessings, truthful action and words and above all ur Pleasure Amen Amen Amen

  34. Ask Alllah Almighty to grant u all power and success and above all complete happiness in this life and the hereafter, Truly I love u and admire ur way, I think u r on the right track, the right path. Ask Allah to always fix ur actions and words and give u the best of everything…
    Plz my dear brother, remember me in ur Doaa as I will also remember u as well as our children, wives and families and the whole Islamic Ummah : I pray to Allah : Plz Allah Guide us and Give us blessings, truthful action and words and above all ur Pleasure Amen Amen Amen

  35. May Allah bless us all and guides us on His Siratul Mustaqeem.. Keep up the good work. Praise to Allah for bring up a Daie during this turbulance Muslim era.

  36. macha allah on est très fière que vous avez choisi l’islam et on est très fière que vous êtes un musulman
    dommage que les vidéo ne sont pas traduit en français ou en arabe !!!sa peut aider beaucoup des personnes pour trouver le chemin
    allah hahfadhik wa youbarek fiik

  37. Hello brother 🙂
    I want to tell you how much you inspired me and you really helped improve my faith
    i’ve always wanted to send u a comment or something
    and here i am.
    I am so happy for you, inshalla thawabak el jannah.
    I really wish if there were people like you here where I live.

  38. Assalamualikum Brother Yushi Evans,

    Mashallah. All Muslim brothers and sisters are proud of you today. Mashallah.

    Zabihullah Mir

  39. alsalam alaikom,
    may allah bless you and guide us all to the right path.
    I watched your video on youtube for the first time and I was very inspired by it.
    Keep up the good work!

  40. Assalamu’alaikum bro Yusha,

    I love watching your videos. May Allah bless u n family alwalys. Ameen Y Rabal A’lamin.

  41. Mashallah , may Allah guide us as he has guide you , keep doing what u are doing giving dawah and i pray that allah guide you along the way while u are u doing a good job. please rem all of the muslim ummah in your prayer.

  42. assalamu alaykum brother .jazaka ALLAHU khayran for your endeavours to spread the truth about islam.may Allah reward you in abundance.
    i want to ask permission to download and publish your videos on the web if you don’t mind.

  43. Dear Joshua,

    I would like to congratulate you for the very good job you have done in promoting Islam in the best possible way. You seem to be a very smart guy and you have become a very important source of knowledge for everyone, Muslims as well as non Muslims.

    Thank you for bringing light to many of us, especially for people born as Muslims. You give us courage to stay strong on the path of God, despite temptations all around us.

    We can feel from your videos that you have really been touched by the spirit of God and how much you love him and all your brothers.

    May God give you a long and happy life, to help as many souls as possible to reach salvation, and also the place you deserve in Paradise.

  44. Assalamulaikum Brother Yusha,

    Peace from the UK. I’ve watched all you videos brother and I pray that Allah gives you a long peaceful life so that you can continue your job.

    I have a few Christain friends who I know are good people with good hearts. I’m not sure what to do but if/when I pluck up the courage to approach them I am sure I will use your videos to help me.

    I would be very interested to see you talk when you return to the UK.

  45. assa la mu alaykum ,brother ,i am very glad to see your web . i am Uyghur ,live un China ,we speakTurkish language

  46. Yusha I am a young muslim who comes from Europe. Being from Europe people think that we are all chatholic and don’t realize the fact that the world isn’t what it was before. Ever since the Albanian race converted to Islam about 600 years ago we’ve had nothing but success for our country, though we have suffered wars we keep our faith in allah till the end. I am very touched by your stories and believe that alot of people here in Canada were i am currently living should here your story as well as all over the world. Never lose your faith in Allah no matter what happens. everything happens for a reason. thank you brother you have done alot for allah and me he reward you with paradise in the afterlife.

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  48. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    Assalamu’alaikum brother Yusha,

    وفقك الله لما يحب ويرضى وثبتك على دين الاسلام طريق الهدى والحق و يحفظك من كل اذى ومكروه ويعينك على كل المصاعب, آمين يارب العالمين لك ولنا ولكل اخواننا المسلمين

    May Allah Bless you

    اخوك ابراهيم
    your brother Abraham,

  49. Assalamu’alaikum akhi,
    i just want to say ALLAH U AKBAR
    i wish we see each other in cannah insaallah…

  50. Mukhajir ( Abu Abdallah) from Russian Federation ( Magas city, Republic of Ingushetia)

    I would like to thank you for the very good job you have done . We are here in the Russian Federation with you our brother !!! Allah bless you ! We wish to see you brother in Russia !!!

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