How The Old Testament Dishonors the Prophets… 2/4

In this video I discuss how the old testament ascribes horrendous actions supposedly perpetrated by Allah’s Prophets. This was one of the key issues that led me away from the belief that the bible was inerrant and away from christianity, to the truth of the Qur’an and Islam when I came across it.

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what brought me to Islam from Christianity part 2

This is the second part of what brought me from a Christian youth minister to Islam and the circumstances surrounding that change. Hope you enjoy. stay tuned for the next video, are we born with an original sin nature or an original goodness? May God guide us all.

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What brought me to Islam from Christianity

New video!!! This video is part one of a more in depth discussion on how I came to Islam from Christianity and the circumstances that led me to that decision.. Hope you enjoy stay tuned for part 2 coming in a few days, may God guide us all.

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