As winter has set in  again as i have done for the past few years we will begin our winter aid appeal for the refugees who will be suffering through another very cold season with little to no protection while we enjoy our nice warm homes and beds.

we see far too many people especially children suffer and some die throughout the cold winter months and i want to do my utmost to see that this does not happen again this year.

over the next 2 weeks i will be opening the campaign to collect funds to purchase winter aid to be distributed to those suffering in refugee camps and displaced places 

as always all fund collected will go 100% towards the campaign and any operating costs i will cover from my end.

please take a little time out of your day to click on the button below and send in whatever support you can to help these brothers sisters and children in this time of need.

May Allah reward you all

click the below button to donate to the cause



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