Calling to the Way – Dawah workshop @ University of Houston

Calling to the Way

Salaamu alaykum, Peace be to you all,

Inshallah we will be having a Dawah workshop at university of houston on Sunday, Dec. 7th @ 3pm details are on the flyer. we will be discussing dawah in 3 parts. #1 what is dawah? #2 Whom or what are we calling to? and #3 The methodology of the call and the attributes of the caller. So please bring everuone you know for this unique oppourtunity to learn what is this dawah, why it is so important, and how should we go about spreading this message. I look forward to seeing you all there!

May Allah guide us to the straight way!

Event Update!- Muslim Identity


Salaamu alaykum, Peace be unto you all,

New event, Muslim identity. In this lecture we will discuss what does it mean to be a Muslim? Do Muslims have their own identity? We always hear the imams and khatibs asking Allah to give honor and dignity to the Muslims but we fail to realize that Allah has already given us all of that and more in the fact that we are Muslims! Allah has promised us that as long as we Follow the methodology of the Qur’an and the example of our Prophet Muhammad (s) that we will always have success but we don’t know where to begin or how to go about receiving those promises. So inshallah we will discuss the formula of how to receive those promises and regain our honor and dignity through our identity as Muslims. I look forward to seeing you all there!

May Allah guide us to the Straight Path!

Event Update! – Vision, Lessons From the Story of Ta’if


Salaamu alaykum, peace unto you all,

Yusha Evans will be back in Houston, TX, Dec, 4th thru the 7th, inshallah and the first event after Jumu’ah salah at masjid salam will be Vision, Lessons from the Story of Ta’if. In this lecture we will go over the Vision that Prophet Muhammad (s) had for the people of Ta;if and for the rest of the world and how that vision was the central focus of everything that he did. Everyone should have a vision that is linked with Allah and the hereafter, and that vision should be the driving force for evrything that we do, so please join us at masjid salam on Dec. 5th after isha for an iman refresher! See you all there!

May Allah guide us to the Straight Path!

New Video!!! Top Ten Reasons Jesus is not God…

In this new video we explore the top ten reasons jesus christ (peace be upon him) cannot be God, and why God cannot become a man. This video is not intended to be derogatory to any particular group or belief. However, it is a study into the nature and attributes of God, and the true nature of one of Gods greatest messengers, Jesus Christ. So please open your mind, humble your heart, and enjoy the show!

Dawah Workshop Up and Running!

Greetings and peace to all, thanks be to God the Dawah Workshop project is finalized and I am now offering a 2 day fully involved intensive workshop focused on what is Dawah, what are we calling to, and the methodology of the call and the attributes of the caller. I have offered a few in the chicago area and the response was overwhemingly positive so I am looking forward to offering it to whomsoever may benifit of this great oppourtunity to spread this wonderful message of Islam to the world in an effective straight forward simple manner anyone interested in having this program in thier area please refer to the contact button or email me @ please leave place,tentative date and contact info.

May God guide us all

what brought me to Islam from Christianity part 2

This is the second part of what brought me from a Christian youth minister to Islam and the circumstances surrounding that change. Hope you enjoy. stay tuned for the next video, are we born with an original sin nature or an original goodness? May God guide us all.