As Salaamu Alaykum, 


As many of you may know i try my best to help humanitarian causes when the needs arise and Alhamdulillah the projects have always been successful and beneficial. May Allah bless all of those who have joined these causes.

A huge cause has appeared before us because of the siege and bombing campaign in eastern Ghouta and thousands of innocent people are caught in the crossfire and being killed and injured. 

Those left behind are in desperate need of supplies and medial aid. 

We will be working closely with aid organizations getting these supplies directly to the affected area with a focus on the children affected by this disaster.

This appeal will run from today for one week in she Allah upon which the collected funds will be sent to help with water/food/clothing/shelter/medical supplies for these children who have no-one to look after them but we can do our very best to show them that we care and they are our children too. The innocent souls need our help and support and i would hope that if i were gone and my children in a similar situation there would be those from this umma who would step up and help them.

Our goal is at least 20k in sha Allah and as always the policy is that 100% of what is collected will be used for those in need i will personally make sure of it by sending it via careful selected projects that i know do the work properly. 


Please click on the button below and enter the amount you would like to contribute and support this worthy cause for these children 

May Allah bless you all



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