Salaamu Alaykum, 

I pray that you all are well!

I’ve been traveling the globe for the past 12 years trying to help share the message of islam with as many people that would be willing to listen, and that has produced tremendous success alhamdulillah, but that reach has only been to those listening right in front of me and now with covid 19 restrictions on travel that focus has had to be shifted, and I’ve always wanted to find a way to have a more target focus and share that beautiful message of peace with as many people as humanly possible. 

I sat and thought about this for many years and finally came up with a solution that will help me reach the maximum number of people, along with helping new muslims and others who want to get involved in sharing the message of Islam,

Thus Path 2 Peace productions is born! an outlet to allow me to do what I’ve always done but on a more professional and larger scale to reach a larger audience than I am ever able to in person. We are also joining the streaming community to better reach our youth. 

We want to launch a professional recording and production studio environment focused on a few central goals-

1- Share the message of Islam in a holistic manner focused on bringing people from every walk of life to the understanding of true Islam and what it means and how it bring peace and harmony to their personal lives and the world at large

2- Present the ways in which Islam can bring solutions to many of the social and economic problems faced by the world at large today

3- We want to place a heavy focus on the youth, bringing the knowledge of Islam to their level and understanding, dealing directly with the issues they face every day that is far often misunderstood by their local communities and Imams so that they can have pride in their faith and answers to the problems that are uniquely theirs. 

4-We want to make a designed program and curriculum designed for new Muslims, far too often they are forgotten and fall to the wayside after taking shahada without help or addressing their unique needs. I as a revert myself understand these challenges and want to develop programs designed to take them from the shahada to full integration into their faith and muslim community ins ha Allah

5- We want to develop a Da’wah curriculum and programming designed to help anyone who wishes to fulfill their obligation of sharing the message of Islam with the information and tools needed to be successful in sharing the message upon the Prophetic example 

The funds collected will be used to secure studio space, purchase professional recording equipment (cameras, mics,computers for precessing/editing/upoloading,studio sets and to hire help for recording/editing/graphic design etc)

So far we have been able to get a few bits of equipment and started recording short series on dawah and personal development that will be released soon but we want to do so much more!

We will keep everyone updated along the way and plan to incorporate many other speakers who we believe to be in line with the same visions of this project, to help people find the Path 2 Peace which is Islam. 

The time frame we have is short as I would like to have as much of this project up and running ASAP in sha Allah so that I can focus on content and getting the products and programs out via a dedicated channel in the works on YOUTUBE as well as a dedicated app on Apple and Android 

The startup goal for this amazing project is $25K in sha Allah

Anyone who supports this project can consider it as Sadaqatul Jariyah, a charity that continues to benefit them even after their death as everyone who is ever helped with this project all of the donors will receive the reward of those efforts

Please share this message and link with anyone you know whom you think can help this noble effort 

Lastly I request dua for the success of this project with Allah’s aid and also please make dua for the success of my major upcoming surgery

Barakallahu Feekum (May Allah reward you all)

Your Brother

Yusha Evans

Please click the link below to support this effort may Allah reward you

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