As Salaamu Alaykum, 

As you know winter is upon us and the majority of those reading this post have the comfort of warmth in our homes, cars, workplaces and almost everywhere else we go, unfortunately as has been the case for many years now there are thousands upon thousands of innocent children, women and men still in the refugee camps who do not have this luxury during the bitter cold winter months. 

We would like to help provide much needed winter blankets to those families who are in desperate need in the refugee camps in turkey and other places where the bitter winter is setting in.

We work closely with many organizations on the ground so that we can make sure the support gets where it is needed most quickly and efficiently. 

Our goal for this campaign is $15k which will provide thousands of warm thermal winter blankets and essentials to these family with a focus on children and the elderly who are most affected by the cold. 

Please just take a few moments out of your day to click on the button below and send in whatever support you can in sha Allah. We will run this campaign for 2 weeks only after which all received support will be distributed and we will personally make sure 100% of what is collected get to those in need even if we have to cover any fees or operating costs from our end.

May Allah bless you abundantly for your support!




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