Food and Nonfood Support Syria 2014

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Salaam alaykum,

As you all know Ramadan is fast approaching and as most of all the people reading this post you will have a nice filling iftar to sit down to at the end of each fasting day, while there are so so many who will not be afforded this same opportunity and many will continue to go hungry even after the fast has ended. This is especially so in the refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan and elsewhere where hundreds of thousands of children, men and woman will not be able to enjoy Ramadan with the same luxuries we will be taken for granted.

I will In Sha Allah be teaming up with a few relief organizations to help send Iftar meals to the refugees this month of ramadan so that many of these families can have a nice warm meal at the end of the fasting day and be able to have the feel of this blessed month of Ramadan.

The goal from my end is to raise $20K to feed as many of these families as possible with a huge effort towards the children. So please click on the button at the bottom of the page and send in whatever support you are able to in she Allah. Once you click the button you will be taken to a secure page where you can enter the amount you would like to contribute and this effort will last for one week after which the aid will need to be sent so please don’t hesitate and support this effort today!

May Allah bless you all and increase you in goodness



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