Does Islam Forbid Celebrations?
Can Muslims join in festivals of other faiths?

[Find out what scholars say]….

Allah forbids worshipping any other “god” besides Him. Believers in Him must not accept any other type of religion or any part of any other religious practices, as this constitutes “shirk” (associating partners with God).
Therefore, Muslims must not join or participate in celebrating festivals of disbelievers whether it is attending or assiting them to conduct their activities, or selling, distributing or facilitating any products or service related to the events.
A scholar in Arabia, Muhammad ibn Ibrahim, wrote this to the Minister for Trade:
We have been told that last year, some traders imported gifts for Christmas and the Christian New Year, including Christmas trees, and that some citizens bought these and gave them as gifts to Christian foreigners in our country, joining them in this festival.
This is an evil action which they should not have done. Undoubtedly you know that this is not permissible, and you are aware of what the scholars have said about there being scholarly consensus on the prohibiton on joining disbelievers, mushrikeen and people of the Book in their festivals.
We hope that you will issue a ban on these gifts that have been brought into our country and other things that come under the same ruling and are things that are unique to their celebrations.
Shiekh ibn Baz, Allah’s Mercy be on him, was asked about Muslims joining Christiansin their celebrations. What do you advise?
(may Allah have mercy on him) was asked:
Some Muslims join the Christians in their celebrations. What is your advice?
His reply:
It is not permissible for any Muslim man or woman to join the Christians, Jews or others kafirs in their festivals, rather that must be avoided, because the prophet, peace be upon him, warned us
“Whoever imitates a people is one of them.”
Islam is against imitating them and adopting their ways. So the believer man or woman, must beware of that; it is not permissible to help them in doing that in any way, because these festivals are against sharee’ah (Islamic Law), so it is prohibited to take part in them or to cooperate with the people who are celebrating it, or help them in any way, whether by helping them to serve tea or coffee or in other ways such as providing vessels etc, because Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“Help each other in Al Birr and At Taqwa (virtue, righteousness and piety); but do not help one another in sin and transgression. And fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Severe in punishment”
[al-Ma’idah 5:2]
Joining in with disbelievers on their holidays is a kind of cooperating in sin and transgression.


  1. “We hope that you will issue a ban on these gifts”

    So you’re saying people shouldn’t even be able to practice other religions besides Islam?

  2. assalammualaikum..
    just want to ask, is it prohibit for us (the muslim) to buy when there are sale like christmas’s sale etc?? n can we wish our non-muslim friend happy new year in christmas???

  3. Salam Alaikun brother Yusha,

    Wallahi you are right with respect to Muslim man and woman joining kufar in their form of worship or joining them in their festivals. The excuse have been given was it is “hate” not to help them in their “special events” because they (christians) help muslims during Elds.
    May Allah guide us all inshallah.

    Wa salam alaikun
    Brother from New York

  4. Assalamualaikum Wr Wb,

    Alhamdulillah brother I could follow you on your blog. I was really impressed by you when I watched you on the deen show on youtube.
    I used to follow Christmas and Chinese New Year celebration although I am a muslim. I was thinking that it was perfectly fine since I am not really worshiping their Gods. Now I understand my mistake. Because by joining their celebration I am indirectly acknowledging their faith and compromising my own faith and believe about oneness of Allah.
    Astaghfirullah… I hope Allah will forgive me. Thank you so much for the posting of this topic on your blog. May Allah preserve you brother.

    Wasalamualaikum Wr Wb.

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