For some time now people have been requesting Eddie to put TheDeenShow on DVDs. We thought that since the shows are for free at there was no need to do so.

Due to TheDeenShow’s growing popularity (all thanks is to Allah God the Creator), the demand has gotten even greater and we realized there are still many people who don’t have access to the internet or just prefer to watch TheDeenShow on the big screen. Also, many people wanted to be able to share the TheDeenshow with their non-Muslim friends and colleagues so they needed a good quality DVD of TheDeenShow that they could give as a gift to others and this would also be their way of doing their duty of Dawa.

After much thought and Dua to Allah swt and consultation we decided to go forward and invest in a top quality professional DVD that people could share with the world. With this production came costs and while many who make DVDs sell them for $10-$15-$20-$25 dollars we decided to take a minimum donation for the DVD of only $5 which will go back into making more and more DVDs so that, God-willing, we can get this Message of Islam (Submission to the one Creator Allah Alone without partners in peace) out to the world.

Thank you all for your support and contributions. We pray that Allah swt accepts this from us.

Please keep Eddie and those who are helping TheDeenshow and doing the Dawa in your Dua’s.

Disc 1

1. What Is The Purpose Of Life?
by Dr Bilal Philips

2. Meet Former Air Force Major Dr Lawrence Brown

3. How To Get Salvation
by Nouman Ali Khan

4. BONUS: Question & Answer
by Yasir Qadhi

Disc 2

1. Top Ten Reasons God Is Not A Man
by Yusha Evans

2. Let’s Talk Marriage
by Imam Shpendim

3. Who Was The Final Messenger
by Yusuf Estes

4. BONUS: Live Shahada
Watch someone join the largest family in the world.

See the video trailer below….


  1. Salam Alaykum

    Can anyone please tell me the titles and names of artists of these nasheeds in this trailer ?

    Thank You

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