New Video!!! Top Ten Reasons Jesus is not God…

In this new video we explore the top ten reasons jesus christ (peace be upon him) cannot be God, and why God cannot become a man. This video is not intended to be derogatory to any particular group or belief. However, it is a study into the nature and attributes of God, and the true nature of one of Gods greatest messengers, Jesus Christ. So please open your mind, humble your heart, and enjoy the show!

6 Comments on “New Video!!! Top Ten Reasons Jesus is not God…”

  1. Salam brother Yusha I just saw ur story at youtube and it’s touched my heart sooo deeply, so I go to google and I found that nice blog MashaAlla, Jazak Allah Khiran for every thing and may Allah bless u and ur work, I’m so lucky AlhamduliAllah to see ur story when I was searching for a such thing for my father who is intrests ur vid’s too , so I have to thank u brother and may Allah protect u

    ur sister Maryam

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum to whoever is reading=]

    I absolutely LOVED that video. MashaAllah Bro. Yusha is very smart and insightful. He talks in a manner that everyone can understand, no matter what religion or age. Everyone can learn something from him.
    Keep up the GREAT work and May Allah Grant you Jannatul Firdaus InshaAllah. Ameen=D

  3. Yusha,

    Peace be with you. My name is Andrew and I am a Catholic. Since my baptism in 2000 (I was 12), I have been developing my faith very consciously and carefully. That said, I have been practicing ecumenism for a while. I wanted to thank you for your video. I have many muslim friends, and we have had several conversations in the past, though I have been far too busy with school lately. I thank you not because I want to convert from Christianity. I have watched your video for over an hour (listening attentively, I have re-listened somethings).

    I appreciate your sincerity especially in seeking my salvation. I think what you are doing is very important because I realize many Christians do not understand Christianity and God’s Will either, nor do many of us read the Bible in proper critical context. If Islam can bring people closer to the one true God, I can do nothing but rejoice. My greatest fear lately is that “Christian leaders” are misleading Christians.

    I want you to know that I worship God, and believe in the trinity, not because I want to be blasphemous but that is what I choose to believe. When I pray, I still pray to the Father. There are too many people who preach faith of their own interpretation. This is prevalent not just in Christianity, but in Islam, in Judaism, in Buddhism, etc. My purpose as a Catholic is to love God above all things and to love others as I love myself.

    There is so much I could say and much I could talk to you about. I won’t be able to make the event because of classes all day. I wish you the very best on your presentation and in all your work. Though I am extremely busy, perhaps I can meet you someday (if do not find the time on Monday) to talk or just to say hi. God bless, brother.

    from Garden Grove, CA

  4. assalamualaikum. Brother, the reasons you have discussed are definitely correct. indeed ! For those who are listening to the discussion, i hope Allah swt will open your heart giving hidayah to you . Insyaallah , Allah the only one that can show you the straight and true path … ALLAH the Almighty (ALLAHU AKBAR). Wassalam.

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