what brought me to Islam from Christianity part 2

This is the second part of what brought me from a Christian youth minister to Islam and the circumstances surrounding that change. Hope you enjoy. stay tuned for the next video, are we born with an original sin nature or an original goodness? May God guide us all.

3 Comments on “what brought me to Islam from Christianity part 2”

  1. assalam alaikum brother. What you said in your interview made a lot of sense to me. I was in a very confused state when I decided to read a translation of the Quran. I read it from cover to cover in one sitting and when I got up from where I sat, nothing had ever seemed more clear to me. But with the clarity, there was also a sense of isolation because it was hard to find other people who understood what that meant for me. So I was glad to see your interview.alhamdhulillah May allah reward you for what you’re doing.

  2. Assalaam-o-Alikum,
    First of all accept congratulations from me for getting the truth and coming inti light after darkness. I first vied your speech at MSA meeting which was on youtube. It was supposed to be in six instalments. After viewing 5/6 instalments, I was seaching for the 6/6 but could not locate. In the process, I came across the one that had the same heading but but the last figure was 6 and not 6/6. I thought that might be a mistake, so I opened it. When I opened it, iwas very different. But it looked like the same in series. However, its voice was changed and he seemed to bash Islam, Muhammad Pbuh,. He was referring to the Prophet’s marriage to Zainab. It was totally wrong. One does know the background in which the Quran was revealed, it cannot be understood properly. Do you know about this clip? If not, go to youtube, type the haeding “how bible ….”. It needs an correct answer.
    Any way the next day I happened ti find the instalment 6/6 which was the continuation of your lecture.

  3. I’m moslim 54 years old from Kuwait, I would like to help spreading all informations about islam to those who are honist searchers about the trueth, so if you know anybody that needs such info’s or may be you need to know an advanced knowledge about islam and don’t have time to get or facing translation defficulties, please refer to me, Í’ll be more than happy to help, I have the knowledge and the time, thanks alot.

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