Who is Allah?

The word Allah is the perfect description of the “One God” of monotheism for Jews, Christians and Muslims!


Allah is the same word used by Christian Arabs and Jewish Arabs in their Bible, centuries before Islam came.

The very word Allah is a word that simply means “The God”, and when it is used it is referring to the One True God, the creator and fashioner of all that exists, and the only one who is deserving of our worship.

On page one of Genesis in the Old Testament, we find the word Allah seventeen times.

Every hotel and motel has a Bible. Next time you see one look in the introduction, you will find samples of the different languages they have translated. For Arabic they have translated the verse in the New Testament in Arabic from the famous verse in the Gospel John 3:16 -“For God so loved the world . . . ”
– and the word the translators used in Arabic for “God” is the very same word used by Muslims around the planet, Allah.

Where does the word Allah Come From?

Allah comes from the Arabic word “ilah” a god’ or something worshiped.

This word (ilah) can be made plural (gods), and it can be male or female just as the word in English can be “goddess.”

Allah comes from “ilaha” but it brings more clarification and understanding.

Points of Clarification:

  • Allah– Has no gender (not male and not female)

  • The word “He”– is used only out of respect and dignity – not for gender

  • Allah – Always singular – Never plural

  • The term “We”– is used only as the “Royal WE” just as in English for royalty

  • Allah -Means “The God, the Only One to be Worshipped”


So as you can see the term Allah is not some new word coined for some unknown god that is exclusive to Muslims, the term Allah is simply the best and most perfect and truest fitting description for the one true creator of the heavens and earth, and the one to whom we should direct ALL of our acts of worship.

May Allah guide us to the truth.

Up next: The Prophets of Allah (God) in islam

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