All about Jesus

This ten minute video answers some frequently-asked questions people about the Islamic view of Jesus, such as:

Is Jesus God?
Is God a trinity?
Is Jesus the son of God?
Did Jesus die for our sins?


Why did you leave Christianity?
Advice for the truth seeker.

3 Comments on “All about Jesus”

  1. Jesus? – Did He Really Die on the Cross? (Evidence says, NO!.)
    Bible – Is It the Word of God? (Experts say, NO!.)
    Trinity- Did Jesus or anyone teach this? (Bible says, NO!.)
    “Only Begotten Son of God”? Was this Jesus? (Bible, says – NO!).
    Are children born in original sin? (Bible says, “Yes!” – but Jesus says, “NO!”)

    All this & more – internets site to compare İslam & Christianity:

  2. assalamualaikum,,wr.wb…

    I’m a Moslems,,
    and I live in NY,,
    I life in Christian community and I do some volunteer activities for christian poeple,,

    one day,,
    my friends that christian took me to their church and took me for lunch,,

    they asked me very much about Islam,,
    they told me about so many things of Jesus..
    they said that Jesus is a God,,
    and I said NO,,
    he is a prophet of ALLAH ,,

    and he said that every people have the sin from Adam..
    and I said,,
    every people born with pure,

    we had kind of debate,,
    and as you know I’m exchange student ,,I’m 17..
    and my English is not that excellent to explain this,,

    then I told them to open your website..

    but they also asked me to read about the Christian book,,

    so we trade,,

    I said to him to learn about Islam,,and I’ll read Bible,,

    he is a Pasteur,,

    I felt so weak when I met him face to face,,
    but I do believe that I said the right things..

    would you like to give me ideas how to face this kind of condition??

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