What is Islam?

Islam is a way of life practiced by approx 1.6 billion people in the world. The very word Islam denotes the essence of this beautiful way of life. Islam is an Arabic word derived from three root letters (S-L-M) which denote surrender, submission, obedience and peace. Islam in the perfect sense of these meanings is the way of surrendering, submitting, and having full obedience to the one true Creator, Allah, and in so doing obtaining peace. Allah is the Arabic word used for God in the Quran, the last book of guidance revealed to mankind. Allah simply means The God. Those who submit fully to Allah and attempt to live their lives according to His commandments are called Muslims. Islam is the final way of life and code of conduct revealed by Allah that began with Allah’s first creation, Adam, and was passed down through all of the prophets such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, and ending with the final messenger to mankind Muhammad, peace be upon them all. If one practices this way of life called Islam, his or her reward with be eternal life in paradise among the righteous. Those who reject this message and accept ways of life other than total submission to the Creator of all that exists will be punished with eternal life in the fires of hell. I ardently implore you to learn more about Islam and Muslims and to gain knowledge of the Creator of all that exists. May Allah guide you.

Coming Soon: Who is Allah?

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