Donations needed for Recording equipment! please support the cause!

*New Update* getting there!
Recording Equipment stolen!
Your support is needed!!
Anyone willing to help us get new equipment read below!!!!

*update: we have reached the initial goal but due to needing extra security measures after getting the equipment we are 2,000$ short of getting the microphones and camera. Please help finalize the new studio

Salaamu alaykum all!

The location where I film record and edit all the Da’wah videos was broken into recently and most of the equipment was stolen. Alhamdulillah for everything and no one was hurt.

But all efforts are on hold including an upcoming Da’wah training video series I was working on!

We want to get back to these projects ASAP but need your support!

It will cost about 6-8k USD to get all the equipment back as well as set up security at the location.

Anyone who wishes to help with this cause and get the Da’wah projects back up and running please go to send in your support! May it be a means of sadaqatul Jariya for you and your family.

I’ll keep everyone updated of the progress

Click the link below to contribute!


2 Comments on “Donations needed for Recording equipment! please support the cause!

    • Akhi you can be assured it is yusha Evans. I run this site personally. Any assurances u need just let me know

      Wa salaam

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